Basic human tendencies… 1) blaming the whole world for selfishness but don’t even see their own selfishness towards other.. i.e humans never look there own acts..! 2) humans forgive criminals who has committed thousands of sins but they won’t forgive a small mistake of a good person.. i.e bad people enjoys more mercy than good people.. 3) humans always try to look the darker side of any critics.. i.e They always thought that every praise is actually a sarcasm..! 4) Humans always forgets what they have and cries for what they don’t have.. i.e “i’m so unlucky….” WTF.! 5) humans sees dreams and works forRead More →

This is a simple analogous reference to depict the effect of iterative functions in real life…This example uses to generate random number series using a definite periodic or non-periodic series.! Well, that’s the effect.. Generation of unpredictable random number from a series…! It certainlysounds impossible but…. Just assume a functiong=f(x)=sin(x) well to map sin(x) is possible.. Now for g=f(f(x))it’s possible to map but more complex than f(x) now for g=f(f(f(x))) it’s certainly predictable but need high precision methods.. Now just iterating the function for million timesi.e g=f(f(f(f(f…f(x)…)))) for million times then the function ‘g’ will generate mathematical random number….! The conclusion is that indefinite complexionsRead More →

Human vs machines…! It’s been Greatly depicted by hollywood movies..But what’s the reality that we will face if AI is success? Clearly talking about conceptual differences between humans and intelligent agents, here humans greatly lag behind.. In humans Mathematical assertion is done by memorization, i.e from the birth the fetus learns about laws of physics only by memorization.. A ball will always fall down without knowing the magnitude of force within it.. If we done a experiment of nourishing a baby in free space or in inverted world then his picture of universe will be very different.. That means humans will fail if his memorizedRead More →

Oh! You will call me insane as i’m talking about life in machines..But i want to ask.. That what is life? Why we say that humans have living sense.. Here i’m talking about living sense or feeling and not about living traits.. Feeling..! It says i’m alive..! It says it pains me or pleasures me.. Consider newton’s third law of motion i.e “for every action there’s equal and opposite reaction…” so it can be possible that feeling is actually the equal and opposite reaction to the actions done by activities within the system i.e for example reception of signal by nerve cell..And as the frequenciesRead More →