Human vs machine

Human vs machines…! It’s been Greatly depicted by hollywood movies..
But what’s the reality that we will face if AI is success?

Clearly talking about conceptual differences between humans and intelligent agents, here humans greatly lag behind..

In humans Mathematical assertion is done by memorization, i.e from the birth the fetus learns about laws of physics only by memorization.. A ball will always fall down without knowing the magnitude of force within it.. If we done a experiment of nourishing a baby in free space or in inverted world then his picture of universe will be very different.. That means humans will fail if his memorized lessons doesn’t coincide with the percepted environment.. Ok if you don’t believe me then try to aim with a ball using mirror.. For first few attempts you’ll fail very badly until you memorize the new condition perfectly.. That’s why it’s been said that “practise makes a man perfect..”

Now i’ve concluded a interesting thing that if mathematical assertion is strictly just memorization then clearly for human there would be no difference between 10 meters and 15 members(for normal human) that he will predict if if we ask him to predict distance between two points.. But if you’ll ask a machine it to calculate then he will be almost 100% true in calculating (not predicting) by using trigonometry..

Now if we apply “random number generation” (about this i’ll tell in another blog) then this microscopic mathematical mistakes done by humans will eventually generate social flaws and corruption of emotions.. That’s why it’s also been said that “humans repeats his mistakes..”

so here machines are much more superior than humans..

And also machines don’t need air,water , solutes, air pressure etc to survive..

And machines have better mutualism..

That’s it.. To be a human actually sucks..!

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