Random number generation

This is a simple analogous reference to depict the effect of iterative functions in real life…
This example uses to generate random number series using a definite periodic or non-periodic series.!

Well, that’s the effect.. Generation of unpredictable random number from a series…! It certainly
sounds impossible but….

Just assume a function

well to map sin(x) is possible..

Now for g=f(f(x))
it’s possible to map but more complex than f(x)

now for g=f(f(f(x)))
it’s certainly predictable but need high precision methods..

Now just iterating the function for million times
i.e g=f(f(f(f(f…f(x)…)))) for million times then the function ‘g’ will generate mathematical random number….!

The conclusion is that indefinite complexions of function eventually generates unpredictable and random effect..

And my motive to introduce it is that to explain “life” and “creativity” in humans is nothing but indefinate iteration of “process reaction effect” and “executable functions(operations)”…

And that’s it.. Humans are no different than machines.. Once iterative code is embedded then even the machines would become imaginative and self conscious……

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