Human tendencies

Basic human tendencies…

1) blaming the whole world for selfishness but don’t even see their own selfishness towards other..

humans never look there own acts..!
2) humans forgive criminals who has committed thousands of sins but they won’t forgive a small mistake of a good person..
bad people enjoys more mercy than good people..
3) humans always try to look the darker side of any critics..
They always thought that every praise is actually a sarcasm..!
4) Humans always forgets what they have and cries for what they don’t have..
“i’m so unlucky….” WTF.!
5) humans sees dreams and works for others and not for himself…
“i want you to become doctor., i want you to do this.. Bla.. Bla.. Bla..” Yak..!
6) humans gives priority to rules and ethics and not to lifes..
“you have to die for the sake of rule no. 188…”

8)humans think that other humans are nuts..
“hey this theory sucks without god…”
7) humans think that all humans are like humans….!
“ah! Oh dear.! This act is inhuman…”
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