Time.. Time is all we need.. Time is all we want and time is all we waste..

To do anything we need time.. And when we humans gets grabbed in a dilemma., time is wasted the most.. Well i don’t believe that attending disco, chatting, and doing lot of enjoyment are wastage of time.. Time is said to be wasted if it has not been used for your own intentions..
And once if one or intentions collide with each other i.e when we are in dilemma, at that instant we waste a lot of time in choosing one of those intentions.. And usually we don’t even take any choices in frustration, and waste more time..
One thing i’ve learned from it that one must choose something if they fall in a dilemma or a serious choice.. Running away from making choice is just wasting of massive amount of time.. And as we lose more time we lose our moments of life..

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