It seems weird…

Life seems to be very simple and steady.. Especially for a theist it seems all right and destined. But for the atheist it’s too messy.

On the physics point of view, everything is controlled by the four forces of nature. Complex prediction conveys about membranes and multiuniverse.
But it’s still quite hard to believe.

But may be sometimes you’ll or you have encounter a event.. And there, your brain tells that there’s really something is wrong with that event…Something is wierd something is hidden..something or something is controlling your destiny. In everybody’s life it happens when we sense very unusual events that can’t be explain by present instincts.. Now the real reason behind this events.. Are they aliens, agents from another universe or something else.? Dreams are the toughest things to answer.. Experts believe that dreams are the effect created when our brain stacks our memory.. But most of dreams are just superficial and much different from real life. It’s like we are living in another universe and executing our intentions there..

All this thing really puts a question mark on our view of universe. And who knows what’s the real fact…!

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