Grandfather paradox which deduce that time-travel to past is not possible. Grandfather paradox is a paradox which is created when a person goes back in past and kills his own biological grandfather.But i believe that this act will not affect his identity,and even his grandfather or father of his time.. How?? Now, let’s take an analogous example..We know that it takes 8 minutes for a light from sun to reach the earth. And if somehow the sun vanishes, then the earth will still revolve around the expected point for 8 minutes.?Now let’s go to the main core..Assume that there’s a star of mass infinite kg,Read More →

With new modification, the principle is retested.. Now i’ve built a automatic real time random number generator, which will generate a number between 0 and 999 every time when a mouseclick or keyboard key is pressed.. By this i get thousands of readings per day on my computer..After 4-5 days, now ,there have been 61800 iterations.. And the average outcome is 493.364353 which is damn near to theoretical value of 499.5 (i.e (0+1+2+3+…+999)/1000).. From the last few iterations the value seems to be consistent with 493. May be the final answer would be 493 and not 499.5 which is not good. If the answer comesRead More →

Now i’ve to do a very complex experiment to know whether i’m right or not.. I believe that life is nothing but indefinate iteration of process reaction effect. That is, what our conscious do is just under the control of same laws of physics that controls the lifeless atoms or tables. But still the aim of a system is vague.. It’s pointing that conscious is another force or energy and not just laws of physics because it’s very unclear that how a organism knows or learns that he has to preserve his identity though no laws of physics seems to suggest that.. But experiment isRead More →

After so many observations and imagination, the aim of a self-sufficient system is finally revealed. the aim is simple.. The aim can be divided in two parts- (1) Preserving personal identity  (2)Preserving the identity of its class/genus(which species it belongs to) but it should not violate rule (1).. But for a single fragment of system the aim is- (1) Preserving the identity of the system it constitutes.. (2) Preserving personal identity but it should not violate rule (1).. Bacteria are single celled organism and is self-sufficient. so its primary aim is to save its own identity first rather than its species(reproduction)..But our white blood cellRead More →

One of the most weird science is quantum mechanics. It appears more like Science fiction rather than than real physics. According to it a particle may exist in one or more states or place at a same time. But if we try to measure it, it just changes the behaviour . Here by just observing the wave function collapses.. Well,there is a simple experiment to validate Correspondence Principle. It says that individual entity uncertainty occurs, but for a group it ceases to the average of all. For example if we throw a dice, there will we six possibilities, i.e the outcome maybe 1, 3 orRead More →