A answer or a new question????

After so many observations and imagination, the aim of a self-sufficient system is finally revealed. the aim is simple.. The aim can be divided in two parts-
(1) Preserving personal identity 
(2)Preserving the identity of its class/genus(which species it belongs to) but it should not violate rule (1)..

But for a single fragment of system the aim is-

(1) Preserving the identity of the system it constitutes..
(2) Preserving personal identity but it should not violate rule (1)..

Bacteria are single celled organism and is self-sufficient. so its primary aim is to save its own identity first rather than its species(reproduction)..
But our white blood cell which are also single celled organism, but is a fragment of bigger system(animal/plant). And so its primary aim is to save the identity of the system(animal/plant) it belongs to rather than saving its own life..

Though this answer is consistent with all System, but it seems something is lacking in that answer. How come a huge bunch of atoms and molecules knows that he has to preserve the identity??? How does the laws of physics is aggregated to frame such a rule of preserving the identity??? And also we,the humans, do more than just preserving his identity. Humans usually spend his most of the time to enlarge his identity,and not just preserving it.. Why humans do this?? Which extended law is governing it to do so. Sure its the evolution from atoms to humans,but everything is controlled by laws of physics only.. The more complex system means the more aggregation(by random number generation) of laws of physics.

So there after the simple laws of physics appears to be complex laws of psychology..
With the answer, i’ve got a new and more confusing question or task to find how does the basic rules are aggregated to form a complex rule….
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