New task – Intelligence Simulation

Now i’ve to do a very complex experiment to know whether i’m right or not.. I believe that life is nothing but indefinate iteration of process reaction effect.
That is, what our conscious do is just under the control of same laws of physics that controls the lifeless atoms or tables. But still the aim of a system is vague.. It’s pointing that conscious is another force or energy and not just laws of physics because it’s very unclear that how a organism knows or learns that he has to preserve his identity though no laws of physics seems to suggest that..

But experiment is another brain storm.. For that i’ve to play the role of a creator who just creates basics laws and materials. So, i’ve to frame some laws and program some simple dos tools of various types.. There after i’ll execute it all for few weeks or even months. Then using the log of the whole process i’ll try to interpret whether there’s any aggregation of rules and tools,and if it occurs than does it framed a rule to preserve a identity or not.. If all this happens as predicted then surely the final answer will come..
But, it’s very complex.. For that i’ve to program a well rules and dos tools with a fair log logic.. There after the most complex thing is to interpret the log report.. How to conclude from it? I’m not sure that whether i can do this or not because log report will be still vague. May be i need to frame statistics and model the log report to interpret it.

What ever it is, the experiment must be done to clarify is there any difference between physics and psychology….?

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