Correspondence Principle – Revisited…

With new modification, the principle is retested.. Now i’ve built a automatic real time random number generator, which will generate a number between 0 and 999 every time when a
mouseclick or keyboard key is pressed.. By this i get thousands of readings per day on my computer..
After 4-5 days, now ,there have been 61800 iterations.. And the average outcome is 493.364353 which is damn near to theoretical value of 499.5 (i.e (0+1+2+3+…+999)/1000)..

From the last few iterations the value seems to be consistent with 493. May be the final answer would be 493 and not 499.5 which is not good. If the answer comes exact 499.5, then it will be the real success of the theoretical predictions and i want that.. But i’ll still wait for 10 million iterations to complete to see what happens to the value… I hope that it will converge towards 499.5 ,,,

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