Who doesn’t wants to see future.? May be none.. Even the people who say they don’t want to are indirect liars.. But how to see future? But it’s too complicated…so much complicated that no one can imagine… Well as i think there are only two possible ways to see future..1) By interpolation of present and the past2) using parallel universe So come to first method..The principle is simple, “if you throw a ball to north, it will hit someone in later time.!” so using physics a dynamics of a element can be interpolated to see it’s future.. As eventually humans,animals or other stuffs are alsoRead More →

At an instant, a bulk of new ideas and dimension came into my mind. To accomplished those ideas again different experiment has to be done..and this is already getting into my nerves as time is collapsed.. So many task viz simulation of collision of laws, simulation for intention impact, language processing program, persuading time,website development, developing AI Scripts, developing self-random number generator, the continuing the research in Cybernetics, interpreting dreams and other so many tasks are pending.. Huhhhh.. And the problem is time has just collapse and the tasks are also too big..each one may take more than 1 week to complete even when iRead More →

First time in my life, i’m realizing that 24 hours a day is too less… So many things to do but my love time is slipping away.. And it slips away only when i need it the most.. Whatever the reason may be, but it’s really less and in that around 14 hours already gets used by sleep and other stuffs.. So what i left is just 10 hours.. But technically 10 hours is too big.. In that period all tasks can be done. Also time cannot change its pace in classical conditions like when i need it or not.. Then why does time stretchesRead More →