I’m obsessed with time..

First time in my life, i’m realizing that 24 hours a day is too less… So many things to do but my love time is slipping away..

And it slips away only when i need it the most..

Whatever the reason may be, but it’s really less and in that around 14 hours already gets used by sleep and other stuffs.. So what i left is just 10 hours..

But technically 10 hours is too big.. In that period all tasks can be done.

Also time cannot change its pace in classical conditions like when i need it or not..

Then why does time stretches when we are in trouble or bored but it just gets collapsed when we are enjoying the moments?

Even a task of 1 hr is not completing within 1 week..

Every time when i work passionately, i look at clock after few moments, what i see is 1 hr passed.. And then these words comes into my mind “What the hell was that?”

I think something is hidden in time…

Time is really great and that’s why i’m obsessed with it..

And i must need to find that…..oops again a new task….huhhh…already so many previous tasks are already pending…

But to understand my love “time” i need to find the trick..so that i can make her stay with me for longer time…

Hope for success…

System mutation..

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