Inception of new ideas

At an instant, a bulk of new ideas and dimension came into my mind.
To accomplished those ideas again different experiment has to be done..and this is already getting into my nerves as time is collapsed..

So many task viz simulation of collision of laws, simulation for intention impact, language processing program, persuading time,website development, developing AI Scripts, developing self-random number generator, the continuing the research in Cybernetics, interpreting dreams and other so many tasks are pending.. Huhhhh..

And the problem is time has just collapse and the tasks are also too big..each one may take more than 1 week to complete even when i don’t take the mischief of time into consideration..

Now really pissed off.! Need to do that task first which will reveal the secrets of time.. Only then i will be able to do the things…..

Oh! I wish if i could have atleast 50 hours a day…or just if i could work in dreams…..!!

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