Want to see future?

Who doesn’t wants to see future.? May be none.. Even the people who say they don’t want to are indirect liars..

But how to see future?

But it’s too complicated…so much complicated that no one can imagine…

Well as i think there are only two possible ways to see future..
1) By interpolation of present and the past
2) using parallel universe

So come to first method..
The principle is simple, “if you throw a ball to north, it will hit someone in later time.!”

so using physics a dynamics of a element can be interpolated to see it’s future..

As eventually humans,animals or other stuffs are also system which reacts according to the dynamics of its components..
Now for a system ‘A’ in an universe ‘U’..

,where ‘$’ is a kind a manifesting operator..

But there’s a mighty problem in this..
A system always reacts.. So the system ‘A’ which is seeing the future in the machine ‘M’.. Now the problem is machine will show the manifestation of activities of luck of ‘A’ and ‘A’.. And the system ‘A’ will decide his activities after he watches his future in machine.. Here comes a recursive dependency.. As a result the machine will enter in infinite loop or will get destroyed..

Freak! it is.. But to tackle this problem one manipulation has to be done. It would be to delete of existence of the person who is seeing the future from the machine interpolating algorithm. So, eventually it means that we can’t see our own future.! So sad!
The machine should be completely isolated from the environment. The isolation must be both direct and indirect. Means even a civilian thinking about the machine will destroy everything. So, the machine should be completely isolated with as less people controlling it. If Less people are controlling it then it will increase the accuracy of the machine. And none of any one should know anything about the machine. Then only the machine can operate.. Well, this is really a brainstorm..

Now lets move on to next method i.e using parallel universe.

Many world interpretation of Quantum mechanics says that every combination of event occurs. That’s a person falling from the building is both death and alive.. But how to use it too see future? The way is dreams. Dreams is possibity the window to parallel universe. So there’s a possibility that you’ll will visit a parallel universe differing in time interval by 1 year of exactly same architecture. So there you can see the combination even that will happen after 1 year..and there you can even see your own future.

But it’s literary impossible task.. To see a future to ‘t’ years demands that we must encounter that parallel universe only which is ahead by ‘t’ years.. And it’s even worst than to find a gold speck from a beach.. It’s actually similar to expect a meteor of exact size of 2 inch and made up pure metal to fall in your head when your are just sitting somewhere in earth.. It’s more tighter than the previous one. But if someone learns to control his dreams for longer periods then it’s is not impossible at all.. But still it’s not a task of few years..

Well, i’m expecting a computer program to do the task..! Lolz…

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