Cryogenics and related sciences are the branches of physics and engineering/bio-engineering which deals with low-temperature phenomena and purposes.Cryobiology is the study of life and related elements and Cryonics is the field in bio-engineering dealing with preserving the living cells or atleast its memory blocks so that later it can be used in future. Cryonics has a special implication to save life. Suppose someone is in last stage of cancer and the person would die after few days. Now Cryonics can preserve the whole body of the person or atleast the head or brain, so that in future when they find the cure for it,they canRead More →

Here’s a simple windows compatible command line utility written by Brandon Zehm by which you can send mail. It include some arguments like from,send, smtp username and password,subject and body. You can even attach file with the mails and also in HTML form. So, you can embed this utility with your application and hence you can add E-mail feature for feedback or other purposes.  It works with Gmail and also with personal mail domain. Remember that you can use this for yahoo only if you are in paid version of it as yahoo doesn’t offer free smtp authentication in applications.. Click on this LINK toRead More →

Do you remember physics? If you remember then there’s was a topic on “Double Slit Experiment”. If you remember then good else i can’t help..  This experiment was a breakthrough in the Science which presented the first valid method to differentiate between matter and wave. Later, the experiment was repeated with electrons, which gave an great conclusion that all elements have dual nature and so a electron behaves both as matter and wave.  This all what we have studied in our school..but it was not the happy ending though.. Just see the video and then you’ll realize why..  So, what actually happens is, when aRead More →

Humans instinct is one of the most complex riddle ever.. Look at some common dialogues usually yelled by Humans… I’m very unlucky Why only me???? Why they always hurt me??? What was my mistake?? Why i lost??? It’s better to be a Villain than to be a good person…. Dealing with more human tendencies. This is one more instinct due to the emotional department of the brain called “Heart”. Heart (not that heart which pumps blood  ) is the part of brain which is initialized by the hormones and constrained by the experience ( interpreted memory) of the life-time. In the evolution of humans itRead More →

Here’s the a free command line utility written in c++ to play any kind of wav files. This utlity is simple and easy to use.  It just needs two command line arguments (1) Name of the wave file (2) Duration of wave file in milliseconds For example if you want to play “hello.wav” of 18 seconds of length then the syntax would be:- wavplayer hello.wav 18000 You can also specify the path like :- wavplayer c:game.wav 2000wavplayer .soundsalert.wav 2000 You can embed this tool with your application and thus you can make a rocking speaking program…!!!  You can download the utility by  Clicking on thisRead More →

Let’s see a small movie about Flat-world. Flat-world is the world of two dimension where there’s no concept of up or down.The inhabitants of flat-world are just trapped in the two dimension and when a 3-dimensional being wants to interact with that then it ‘s taken as a ghost or God. Just have a look on this..   Dimensions..the place where we live and execute. Here we can go right-left,backward-forward and up-down, which means we live and play in 3-dimensional world.  Now compare our world with the Flat-world. Now what you are thinking now?? What if there is 4th or more spatial dimensions (here i’m notRead More →

“What is real? How do you define real? If you are talking about what you see,smell,touch or feel then Real is nothing but electrical signals interpreted by your brain….” There lines were explained by Morpheus to Neo to tell about the Matrix.. The philosophy used here is too old, popularly know as “Brain in a Vat..” It something says that if a living brain is kept inside a vat with constant supply of vital elements, and it is simulated with external signals then there’s now way that the Brain can tell about the reality.. The brain would be completely deluded by those signals.. For anRead More →

One of the most confusing question.. What is conscious? And how it differs from other parts of the body?  Well..lets play a hypothetical game… The game is very simple… You just have to catch ME.. I’m standing a distance of 5 meter away you.. As it’s hypothetical you can implement any way to catch me.. So i’ve started.. Firstly you’ll say that you’ve simply ran towards me and catch me..but i’ll reply have caught my body not me..!! Secondly, you’ll pierce my brain and grab it and say now i’ve caught you..but i’ll reply again that have caught my brain not me..!! ThirdlyRead More →

Should have posted it before but it came to my mind just now…The whole story started when i first read this lines a year ago.. the lines were– “Surely computers,animals and humans can’t be intelligent becausethey can only do what there atoms do by the laws of physics……….” Ah!! it was a real hammer which broke my head..  But why i should believe in this lines!!  Well.. i didn’t find any logical statement that can demolish the fact.. It was obvious that the whole universe is running on atoms and its interaction.. this interaction got complex and formed chemical bodies..and then it eventually resulted inRead More →