We are puppets of the nothingness!!!!!!!!!!!

Should have posted it before but it came to my mind just now…
The whole story started when i first read this lines a year ago.. the lines were–

“Surely computers,animals and humans can’t be intelligent because
they can only do what there atoms do by the laws of physics……….”

Ah!! it was a real hammer which broke my head..  But why i should believe in this lines!!  Well.. i didn’t find any logical statement that can demolish the fact.. It was obvious that the whole universe is running on atoms and its interaction.. this interaction got complex and formed chemical bodies..and then it eventually resulted in me,you and the big human race..And then technology,sociology,physiology,mythology came.. The life is going like a infinite string which seems to have no beginning or end. Everyone thinks that he/she is working for their own interest..by their own mind.. Everyone thinks that they are are working just because they want to do that..

But it’s just the information inside a small box.. The reality is that there’s no difference between an atom,a table,a computer,an animal or a human…  They are just cluster of same form..More the complexity of the cluster the more independent it seems..

So in the end what it means that we are puppets ,puppets of the laws of nature..puppets of the subatomic events..puppets of the mistake that created the universe.. Whether you are a theist or atheist,it doesn’t matter…. So if you are happy thanks to big bang..if you are sad blame it to big bang..For each and every event and consequences blame it all to big bang..
Big bang has already written your fate..Big bang has done with everything..

And big-bang,,

which was a blast from the nothingness,,,then it means we are just puppets of the nothingness…..

well..it also means it’s the big-bang who made me to write this post..

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