Interpretation – Overcoming Fatal emotions

Humans instinct is one of the most complex riddle ever.. Look at some common dialogues usually yelled by Humans…

I’m very unlucky

Why only me????

Why they always hurt me???

What was my mistake??

Why i lost???

It’s better to be a Villain than to be a good person….

Dealing with more human tendencies. This is one more instinct due to the emotional department of the brain called “Heart”.

Heart (not that heart which pumps blood  ) is the part of brain which is initialized by the hormones and constrained by the experience ( interpreted memory) of the life-time. In the evolution of humans it was a breakthrough which made them the lord of the Earth. But now it has become one of the reason of the self-destruction.

Now move to the technique by which we can avoid heart to be corrupted..

Humans have their own absolute perception. So one have to respect others perception or at least avoid to challenge them

In fact nothing is absolute in emotions, so every has its own absolute ideal world or simply a relative perception with its expectations.

Look yourself with your brain

Many humans judges others people and their acts and develops hatred for them. Usually this happens because they don’t know their own self. They just know someone and something hurts them,without thinking of the reason. Even just for 15 minutes one must look their own self and remember the things they have done with others and for their own selves. Surely you’ll find that you are even more rude and heartless for others. So you deserve this..

If you give the world the best you have, then the best of the world will come back to you

is not a logical thought.

The real line is

If you give the world the best you have, then there is higher probability that the best of the world will come back to you

So, has to accept that you’ll not always paid for your good deeds,sometimes you may even get bad experience even if you do good things. That’s because it’s the matter of probability and nothing else. So never change your good traits even if you haven’t got the expected response. And always remember that

Love means to give and just to give…….

There’s always a reason for every event….

Always remember whatever things happens with you,have an inception and a definite reason. Always try to figure out the reason before developing your conclusion for someone or something..

Brain is the king

Whatever the condition is always take decisions using rationality. Always remember “Heart” is not meant for taking decisions…

Decrease your Absolute Perception..

The main reason for all this tragedy  is just the “expectation”. It does take lot of time but it’s definitely possible to decrease the absolute perception to the lowest level as you can. 

And one more line to remember

Be optimistic when you are executing your intentions but be pessimistic when your are waiting for the outcome..

Time is biggest healer

Whatever the loss is,whatever the pain is, always remember that Time is the ultimate healer for everything. Nothing is static.

Change is the only handy thing constant in this Universe..

We can’t change the whole universe, but we can change our own self. Change is the ultimate technique for survival. But never change until you every rational technique fails..remember it must be rational..

…….Nothing is Lost if you are still alive……

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