Quantum Mechanics – Reality is merely an illusion!!!!

Do you remember physics? If you remember then there’s was a topic on “Double Slit Experiment”. If you remember then good else i can’t help.. 
This experiment was a breakthrough in the Science which presented the first valid method to differentiate between matter and wave.
Later, the experiment was repeated with electrons, which gave an great conclusion that all elements have dual nature and so a electron behaves both as matter and wave. 
This all what we have studied in our school..but it was not the happy ending though..
Just see the video and then you’ll realize why.. 
So, what actually happens is, when a beam of electron is bombarded on double slit and produced and interference pattern on the screen. And only wave can produce that pattern but a matter can’t. So physicist repeated the experiment but this time they decided to shoot electrons shot at a time so there was no way they can interfere  , but still they got the same interference pattern..  Now it only mean one thing.. It means that a single electron goes through both the slit and interfere with each other to produce the pattern…  Now how can a single electron can go through both the slits at the same time????  This really puzzled everyone..
But they again changed the setup and put a detector to know from which slit the electron actually goes through. But the outcome was even more surprising…  Because now those electrons produce a normal two bands as if it’s a matter..now it didn’t produced any interference pattern…
So, when we tried to measure or observe the electron behaved as a matter and not as a wave. Now how come electron changed his nature when we were seeing to it.
All this lead to a new radical thinking that

A matter appears to be at a single position only when we want to measure it, and when we don’t measure it exists every where…!!!

So, it’s just your subconscious mind which is producing the reality and hence everyone creates it’s own reality..
Another conclusion also says that our intentions are entangled with that and hence intentions and affect the physics…
Many experiments with random number generator has taken place, where a there’s a random number generator produces some number ‘1’ and some number of ‘0’ and a person is asked to try to generate more ‘1’. and the outcome is really surprising as it did happens.
Another experiments also says the intentions can even change some small events of past!!!! 
But,but but,,, it doesn’t mean the by just thinking you can control your destiny or even move a speck of dust.. It’s because quantum manifestation occurs in quantum scale. So your intentions must be at unconscious or subconscious level. So even of you believe that you can fly but still your subconscious mind doesn’t believes it and thus you can’t fly without wings or machine at any cost…
But still, your destiny is in hand if you just realize you potential and intentions at subconscious level..Hope for Success…
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