Suspended Animation :: Psuedo-Timemachine and Immortality

Cryogenics and related sciences are the branches of physics and engineering/bio-engineering which deals with low-temperature phenomena and purposes.

Cryobiology is the study of life and related elements and Cryonics is the field in bio-engineering dealing with preserving the living cells or atleast its memory blocks so that later it can be used in future.

Cryonics has a special implication to save life. Suppose someone is in last stage of cancer and the person would die after few days. Now Cryonics can preserve the whole body of the person or atleast the head or brain, so that in future when they find the cure for it,they can save the person’s life…

You if have watched the sci-fi movie A.I. there was a boy who was place in suspended animation until the cure of the disease was found.

But this thing appears to be theoretical simple but has some heavy technological complications. First thing is that cell cannot live at 77 Kelvin.  So it must be assisted with nanotechnology and other science to carry out the process effectively. And even if they manage to preserve the cells the next challenge will be to revive them..  Till now only microbes and other organisms have been preserved successfully by cryonics.

Cryonics derives from immortalism and venturism and dreams of immortality. Being immortality scientifically impossible by today’s knowledge, and death a mundane event, many patients turn to this technology in hope it will allow them to wait in a state of suspended animation until they can be brought back to life and live.

There’s also one interesting possible application of this technology. This technology can be used to go to future!!!!  The concept of freezing and reviving the cells can cease the bio-chemical processes and thus nearly stops aging. So the person’s biological time will be literally stop and will lead him to future. This concept is used in many literature and sci-fi movies like in story “The Jameson Satellite” tells how Professor Jameson has his body sent into orbit where it remains frozen for millions of years until, with humankind extinct, aliens repair his brain and bring him back to life.

so this technology will act as an “pseudo-timemachine” to future.

Next weird application can be Immortality.. As it primarily deals with preserving the memory block of the cells so that later it can fetched later by bio-enginering..!!!

Though the concept of immortality is very sensitive in Philosophy and Religion, but still every human always fantasize to live forever in this universe..

Just imagine that by chance you die in an accident then by cryogenics your memory blocks can be isolated and then you can be revived again even after millions of years. 

For better purposes one can use this technology in Space exploration of very long journeys for few lightyears. By alternate “suspended animation” the whole crew can travel hundredths of lightyears of distance to search for compatible planet specially when earth or our sun will be on the last stage..

And if Cryonics succeeds then one can say that…

Humans are like virus…and no one can destroy humans know about Cryonics!!!!! 

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