Uprgrading the Life – Cyborg

A cyborg or cybernetic organism, is a system with both biological and artificial components. Here that living being has the advantage of self-regulatory elements by cybernetics. Though in fiction cyborg is

considered as hi-tech robots with human hybrids, but till now cyborg is the person whose mental or physical impairments is repaired by cybernetic technology.

Following is a picture of a famous artist Neil Harbisson who is color blind.
He wears an eyeborg on his head in order to hear colors!!! His prosthetic device was included within his passport photograph which has been claimed to confirm his cyborg status.

Recent upcoming technologies like robotics and Machine intelligence is been seen as threat to human identity as they may replace may human technicians and workers. Machines is thought to have more power, efficiency and accuracy than biological creatures.
But here’s an idea of upgrading the humans using cybernetic technologies so that advantages of both entities can be exploited without degrading the human identity.

Here’s an decent application published is wikipedia..

“In 2002, under the heading Project Cyborg, a British scientist, Kevin Warwick, had an array of 100 electrodes fired in to his nervous system in order to link his nervous system into the Internet. With this in place he successfully carried out a series of experiments including extending his nervous system over the Internet to control a robotic hand, a loudspeaker and amplifier. This is a form of extended sensory input and the first direct electronic communication between the nervous systems of two humans..”

In military it has a wide scope for spying and communication. Just imagine that an housefly is spying in the critical and dangerous areas. Also for communication this cyborg insects is one of the safest method to exchange delicate military information and messages…

Several experiments has been done and to extend it has got some success in some areas. But due to human rights this experiments aren’t ethical in the world and hence avoided. There are several implications like a monkey playing game just by thing,rat-brain controlled mini car,fishes etc.

Here’s is an very interesting video of the first robot which is completely controlled by living brain!!!! Just watch out… 

If you want to know what is the present and exciting past of the cyborg just see this…..
This technology can give the human the power to think in more than 3 dimension,telepathy,Enhanced memory,Virtual interpretation,Extra senses and many more….

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