Information -Teleportation, Immortality and Instant Cloning Issues

Everyday we encounter many news,forecast and other stuffs which includes information. Normally information is defined as some set of data about something. Well, to an extend it
doesn’t matter if we believe to this information, but this is not so if we go to higher relative.

Technically information includes Entropy and state measure of an entity which give an measure due of the uncertainty by which an event can occur. Information doesn’t have any physical characteristic but it’s indeed affected by physical medium, and it also can affect other physical mediums.

Just image that two little kids are making some structures using some blocks.
In this, one kid constructs a small house using it. Now just thing that what was the difference between the random blocks and that house. Even that house is made up of block, then what makes it different. The thing is the “entropy” which is the measure of randomness. The blocks were scattered and thus was having high entropy, but after it get arranged to house,the entropy decreased.

But the other boy doesn’t know how to make a house. So smarter one EXPLAINS him how to make a house, and then the other boy made a house too. Now, here Information led to the change of the state.

So, information is something that led to reduce entropy of some media. Even small piece of information can led to large changes. Architects just submit a piece of paper, and it’s enough for the workers to make a dashing creation. Your teacher just submit a piece of message to your parents, and it’s enough to make you  pissed off…

Information can be created, destroyed and multiplied to indefinite. To create information entropy has to be decreased,to destroy it entropy must be increased and to multiply it entropy should be made as much as similar to that of source. 

In computers, just the arrangement of binary bits cause information of some type.

So, good so far…. now let’s move to the main core.
Even we, living being have some entropy, and it’s quiet unique for every living being.
I can even say that this entropy is the identity (measure) of the soul of the being. Now there are many futuristic application.


Teleportation used to be art of fiction. It is something like disappearing from one place and appear to other place in no time. It is something like “faster than light” traveling.
In reality, physicist have succeeded in teleporting atoms, which reveals that teleporation is a real fact. But there’s a big issue in teleporting bigger objects like humans. you’ll say that even human are made up of atoms,so then what is the issue….?? 

The issue is that, in teleporting humans, it is needed to disintegrate the humans into individual atoms, teleport them independently and then reintegrate them at the destination.  But here comes an issue about randomness and thus information transfer. To rearrange the atoms to form human is an radical concept, and needs 100% information transfer or else it will cause death or may cause some other creature to form. Human life is precious, and thus teleporting living objects needs flaw proof technology.

Instant Cloning

Cloning is not an new concept, and till now cloning of animals have been done to some extend. But these cloning only resembles in appearance not by instincts. For example a clone of Einstein need not be as intelligent as Einstein.

But information, can do that. Suppose you want to create a person just like you, then just map the randomness of your brain to the target brain.So now that person will be the exact copy of yours, though not by appearance but by personality and instinct. It will so much perfect that it will be differentiate between you and your clone.
so, using this a person can create his own copies without any fear of backstabbers.
Well, it can also led to millions of copy of a terrorist commander, which will be the horrifying threat…


Immortality!! An radical issue.. Theoretically, information mapping can also make an human immortal.
Imagine you you die in an accident, then information can be extracted from your brain and backup in in to an storage device. Then when they got a body, the information can be mapped in his brain..and then you’ll revive. It would be bit uncomfortable with a new body and new face, but atleast it can give your life back. this will make human immortal.

But here’s an glitch in this though experiment.
Just imagine that if we do this before your death. will create two independent consciousness of a single being!!!! What it will we be like??? Is that person i just a perfect clone or also an perfect copy of consciousness. Theoretically, that person must have have the same consciousness..but it causes a paradox that how a person can be in two or more conscious state at the same time.
And what would happen if the person dies?? Will his conscious transfer to his clone??? Really confusing…

May be, perfect information transfer is not possible, and thus they can form instant clones but they can’t multiply the consciousness.. And thus human can’t be immortal using this method.

well, to know the facts, this experiment has to be done in practical…

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