Memories and Relative Aging – Easy way to increase your lifespan by 100000 times!!!

In everyday life, we do many things which is enough to make us to forget certain things. Each day, thats in each 24 hours quota we rarely give few minutes for our own self.’m not at all talking about spirituality
. i’m pointing to the rationality and measurement.

Now, we living beings especially humans possess Memory. Whatever happens in the vicinity of our self is stored in our brain as memory.
Memory is an organism’s ability to store, retain, and recall information and experiences.

Now, we living beings also possess an particular lifespan or age. Average life span of humans is around 70 years.
But biological age is absolute and doesn’t have any consequence relative to your own self. Few years ago, i watched a film which gave this concept. Using this concept one can say that even if a person lives for 70 years but still his relative age is lesser than 20 minutes,,or may be even more less.
Now how?? It’s because relative age or your own observable age is directly proportional to the memory of that organism.
Take an example of gold fish. It’s memory just last for 3 months..So at any instant it’s relative age would be always less than 3 months!!

To test this concept, you can do an simple task. The task is to write all your memories since you born in a diary. I’m sure that if you are not an regular dairy writer then you can’t write more than 10 to 20 pages(now please don’t take a mini diary  ). So it means you only remember 20 minutes (it will even more lesser) of your whole life  . Doesn’t it sounds pathetic?? So, you can only remember 1 minute to 20 minutes of your life, and thus your age is is lesser than 20 minutes or so.

Now, to tackle with this we have only two options..

– Increase your memory to that of computers 
– Start writing personal diary or just record them 

The first option seems to take a decade to develop. so it’s not an solution for now.
But the second option seems pretty interesting.

For better results, you have to repeat the following things in every 1-5 hours..

– Take snapshots/video clips of you and your surrounding from your mobile phone or any camera.
– Write/record what you are seeing and feeling
– Also Write/record your dreams that you see at night. It’s really interesting. But do write/record them as soon as possible because 90% of dreams are forgotten even after 10 minutes.
– Write/record an summary about this experience 

That’s it, you can either store them in storing devices or you can write all this. Writing/Recording them electronically is more easier and recommended. Also encrypt the information before storing them 

Though this method can’t give you 100% of your absolute age, but still it can increase your relative age to 8-10 years which is very large as compared to 20 minutes (more than 100000 times)..

Well..this method may sound weird and ridiculous  but Trust me when you repeat this, even for a day and then when you’ll see the recorded pics or sound clips you’ll really feel happy and surprised because you forgot the yesterday but those stuffs are reminding you everything….. After all it’s all about your life

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