Install Windows XP from USB

Now a days USB drives/sticks are preferred as portable devices as they are handy, robust,dynamic and also looks cool. But when it comes to installing Operating System, then we always move towards CDs/DVDs.
Like me, most of the people prefers Windows Xp over Vista or 7 because of its dos power and easy and simple handling. If you are a USB lover then sure you would like to install XP from your USB itself !! 
Now what is the advantage of installing Windows XP through USB???
First of all, the speed of installation will be enhanced. It will just take about 15 minutes to install complete windows Xp which is really impressive.
Second thing is problems in CDs or CD/DVD ROM are not easily reversible. So it will be great if you install Xp from USB rather than from faulty CD drives.
Thirdly, and most interesting is that, the setup won’t prompt any user interaction i.e. it won’t even prompt you to enter XP product key!!! That’s because when we create the bootable USB it will save all the user specifications. So you just have to enter your product key, Time zone etc at the time of creating the bootable USB and later it you can use it without any keystrokes , anytime. It’s really feasible indeed.
Finally, it looks cool if you say the i can install Xp from your personal USB. Your USB will serve as immediate tool to rescue your or your friend’s computer.
Now to Create such USB you need a USB drive of enough size to accommodate the setup files and a tool USB MultiBoot 10 which you can download for free.
Now extract the files from the archive to any folder, there you’ll see may tools. But just open “USB Multi boot (Klik di sini).cmd” then press any key.
Later you’ll prompted to choose the format type as shown in figure below. Just choose the second option  i.e ‘H’ . Don’t care that your USB drive is of just 1 GB which supports FAT. Remember that NTFS supports partition of all sizes. So whatever type your USB is, just choose second option.
After that a pop out will come, there choose the USB drive and format it to NTFS. If you have plugged two or more USB then be careful in choosing the USB you want. After that you’ll get a window like the figure below.
There first choose (1) and browse the windows XP setup files.
Then choose (2) and browse the target USB
Then at last choose (3) and the start the process.  
Whatever prompts comes, always click on Yes. At some instant a window “Unattended Install” will come you’ll be asked to enter the user specifications. If you want the USB installation then click on “Unattended” and enter the all the details. Be careful during entering the details as you can’t change them later. You have to also enter valid XP product key.
Then finally when it will complete, remove the USB.
To use this installation USB you need your motherboard to support booting from USB. If your motherboard is not older than 2 years then you can continue, else you can’t use this.
So, to install XP boot from USB and choose the first option.
Choose your specifications, then install… Enjoy!!!!
You can also use Repair option and many other operations using  just your USB itself..
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