USB Data Protector 1.0.0

Software name: USB Data Protector 1.0.0
Version: 1.0.0
Main operation: Secure data in USB from viral/Trojan infections.
Software Screenshot
How To Use???
Transfer files from PC to USB:-
•    Just select the first option
•    A window will pop of which is a temporary folder.  Paste the files here form the PC.
•    Press ‘S’ to start the process.
•    Please note that current version doesn’t support folders. So use Winrar or Winzip to create a single archive of the folders that you want to transfer in your USB.
Transfer files from USB to PC:-
•    Select the second option.
•    A list will appear of each file at a time. You can delete, Select the file to be copied or undo your selection.
•    After you select the needed files to be copied in PC, press ENTER.
•    A temporary Folder would pop-up from where you can copy files in the PC.
Limitations of the current Version:-
•    This piece of software may have some compatibility issues.
•    Currently this software is meant for data protection from viral or Trojan infections, it’s not recommended to secure private data. In later versions it will be solved.
•    User interface is bit clumsy.
•    It’s not recommended for larger files i.e. over 200 MB or more.

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