Inhibition : Stopping the will every day!!!!

Today, again i was trying to do the so-called impossible thing. Tried many weird ways to fool the entropy of data. 6 months gone but still no solution. And today i realized something. Since a year, i was planning to execute lots of ideas and simulations.

Just before sleeping, i used to make up my mind to think about that but everyday i was keep forgetting. Since a year, i haven’t even thought about that.

Just now i was reading this page “Alternate proof that the Matrix is real” , and again it struck in my mind. It’s something like inhibition, which is stopping something to be in someone’s realm and not letting it to come into being.
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Even today i noted that there are even randomness in the mind itself. Sometimes it produce self-contradictory thoughts, sometimes it opposes his own idea, sometimes it goes blank and i sleep 😛

 May be i’m insane to conclude this but one thing convince me very well that

Our mind process indefinite amount of data. It also receipts input from unknown dimensions or senses, simulates it in no-time and produces the random thoughts!!! And sometimes it comes as a dream that i every see, which is weird indeed.. 😐 

Another insane thought which comes in my mind is

I’m ( or any living being ) surely not an single person of single personality, but i m a coherent person of multiple personality where each one fights to execute his dominance. This very much explains some of my weird behavior that i do in my dreams.

Whatever, today i won’t let that “someone” to inhibit my thoughts. I hope would get something as the solution.

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