Experiment – Impact of Luck in MCQ Examinations like GATE, AIEEE etc

Many Entrance and aptitude examinations are now based on MCQs, where generally one of the four options is true. Here’s an interesting experiment to show how much you can score in such exams if you just relay on luck to choose the answers.

Probability can play big games!!
Many people have try this to score (including myself :P) but i haven’t heard any success stories till now. It seems impossible that more than 8000 students trying such methods of marking options randomly but none of them succeeds in it. But the experiment shows the different story.
Let us assume that there are 100 questions and 8000 students randomly chooses the options out of 4. Then there must be at least one student whose 42 questions would be correct out of 100. Also, even if you are out of luck then also you would get at least 8 questions correct. 
If experiment is done for 1775000 students the maximum possible success rate would be 47% and minimum (bad luck) would be 6%.
But as such examinations has negative markings, we didn’t heard any success stories. Because even your luck is full, your 58 question would be incorrect and thus the consequent negative marking would decrease your marks below the threshold.
C++ Experiment software
So the conclusion is simple. MCQs are definitely crackable only if you deserve it.. 😛 
Anyhow luck can’t help you in this..
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