Free Efficient Software to increase Website Hits – Artificial Traffic Generation

Traffic!! Traffic!! Is what every Webmaster wants.

Here’s a great tool i coded today which will help Webmaster to increase his Website Hits. This tool uses fresh proxies and spawns Artificial Web Traffic to the Web Page.

Unique Features:-

  • Uses Fresh Proxies which simulates web traffic from through out the world.
  • Has the ability to generate 100 hits in a minute.
  • Uses comparatively less bandwidth.
Software Screenshot
Requirements to use this software:-
Important Guidelines:-
  • Use my free tool ProxyList Generator to generate huge proxy list in real time. And use it in this software.
  • It is recommended to refresh the list every hour or so to get new proxies and efficient Output so that the consequence appears as Real traffic rather than scripted one.
  • This application is in early version and it simulates as “Firefox Browser” and the default Operating System. Later many more user-agents would be added.

[Updated at 30th May 2012]
Version 1.01

False Error Message “Please Enter valid URL” is resolved..

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    1. Does it work with .ca or only with .com?

    2. It works with any kind of web page.. doesn't matter if the domain name is .com or .ca

    3. Weird, just tried with a .ca and the app kept choking and asking for a valid URL… Tried with and without the http and www, no go. I tried with a .com and it worked fine. Very strange….

    4. well, the application is in early stage. And that error will come only when the given URL doesn't exist in Internet.. It you think that URL exist, then plz provide me that URL here. I'll see to it..

    5. weird, i'll try again… reboot retry, see what happens.

    6. Tried again, no go for my site. So I tried the URL you posted above, and it does work. So does, but other big sites like or won't work. My site isn't big, but perhaps the problem is with the host. Maybe they block the traffic?

      Great work though, congrats.


    7. Well, now i want to say thank you for reporting the bug bcoz now i figured out what was the problem! The problem was some sites don't allow HEAD request. That is why it was not working. I'll work on it and will rectify it within 2 days and will publish a new version..
      Thanks 😉

    8. Me again, great work. Not sure if you can do this, but if you wanted to make the software that much better, you could try to make each hit last longer. So a visit would for example last a user defined length of time in order to really help traffic stats. Not sure if that's possible but that would be incredible!



    9. need proxy list elite … other lists do not work … only the elite list, even high anonymity does not work. proxylist-forum is a good program to sift through in forums … good fun

    10. Undetectable proxy is a myth! Now even paid VPN is not secure and indeed can be traced.. So use it for fun only.. 😉

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