Net-SMSAgent – Add SMS functionality in your ASP.NET Website and .NET Applications – Free library

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This is developer special library by which they can add SMS functionality in their .NET windows application or Websites. This library uses to send SMS to non-DND mobile numbers in India. Indeed this library is free with no restriction.



  • Filename : Net-SMSAgent.dll
  • Platform : .Net Framework 2.0 or above
  • Operating System : Windows

Best Features:-

  • Library is easy to understand and simple to implement.
  • Sends unlimited SMS of 230 characters
  • Faster and Reliable
  • Best for Freebie/ open source programmers


  • Cannot send SMS to DND numbers.
  • Obviously, as it uses, so the receiver gets SMS from their domain. So it is not recommended for any Organization.
  • Not a kind of limitation but to preserve Agent Identity a small text will be appended at the end of every message.
Usage Demo:-
Site2SMS sms = new Site2SMS();
// sms.send_sms("sender id", "password", "receiver mobile number", "your message");
int status=sms.send_sms("9712xxxxxx", "password", "9879xxxxxx", "in the end");

The Function returns int with following conventions:-
  • 0 – SMS sent successfully
  • 1 – Login Failed
  • 2 – Message Sending Failed
  • 3 – Fatal Error

You need to add reference to the library in your Visual Studio project. If you don’t know how to add reference then visit this.

Click here to download the library and demo files..

*Note:- This is only a library which provides an interface to send SMS. It is not responsible for any bad things done through it.. Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People.. 😉

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