When Quantum Mechanics seems like Classical Mechanics : Computer Simulated Experiment

   I saw them going through the wall!!!

Classical Mechanics is what we see around us. What we see through our eyes, and the things that a normal mind understands and accepts it Classical Mechanics. It’s predictable. You know if throw a ball toward wall, it will come back at particular place.

Quantum mechanics is something different. There things occurs that is not acceptable by normal mind and also it is not predictable. In this world, if you throw ball towards the wall, you never know what will happen. Sometime it may go through the wall, sometimes it can break the wall, sometimes it can bounce back at another location, sometimes it can disappear!!!
It’s been studied and found that quantum mechanics is prominent at extremely small scale, at atomic level. That is why you don’t see a ball is going through the wall.
But question arise that why quantum mechanics is only observable at such small scale??
To answer than, a simulation is needed. Here, i built a simple true Random number generator which generates a number between 0 and 1000 when a human taps a key. Like this thousands of random numbers are gathered. This random number generator is similar to random and unpredictable events of Quantum Mechanics.
After taking more than 14000 iteration, i plotted the graph of the data between the manifestation of random number(i.e average) and number of iteration (using Matlab).
Graph – Click on image to see full image
As, shown in graph, when number of iterations were small, the property was close to quantum mechanics, but when the iteration increased the property shifted to Classical Mechanics.
Here, Correspondence principle is the term which explain the output of the experiment. The explanation is simple. At large scale, the quantum mechanics of each atomic entity (atom, electron etc) is manifested with each other. So what we see is the result of average of all over manifestation of quantum mechanics. This what results in Classical Physics, where everything seems predictable.
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