A Tic tac toe game written in c++ which implements genetic algorithm to play the game against human. It truly undergoes evolution and learns from its mistakes. So, the intelligence of the Bot player depends on its experience just like humans do.. The more it plays, the more it learns and the more it becomes intelligent!!! 😛 Thereby a point will come where it would be impossible to defeat the Bot player. Download the game from here… Please note that this game is just for educational purpose to show how computers can undergo evolution just like we humans do.. Snapshot of the gameRead More →

Now i’ve to do a very complex experiment to know whether i’m right or not.. I believe that life is nothing but indefinate iteration of process reaction effect. That is, what our conscious do is just under the control of same laws of physics that controls the lifeless atoms or tables. But still the aim of a system is vague.. It’s pointing that conscious is another force or energy and not just laws of physics because it’s very unclear that how a organism knows or learns that he has to preserve his identity though no laws of physics seems to suggest that.. But experiment isRead More →

After so many observations and imagination, the aim of a self-sufficient system is finally revealed. the aim is simple.. The aim can be divided in two parts- (1) Preserving personal identity  (2)Preserving the identity of its class/genus(which species it belongs to) but it should not violate rule (1).. But for a single fragment of system the aim is- (1) Preserving the identity of the system it constitutes.. (2) Preserving personal identity but it should not violate rule (1).. Bacteria are single celled organism and is self-sufficient. so its primary aim is to save its own identity first rather than its species(reproduction)..But our white blood cellRead More →

Now i’m confused.. Now from where to start to program intelligence in machine.. Well, it’s not a tough job to program intelligence and emotions in machines, but for what purpose it should be done.. I’m talking about the aim of that agent.. What it should be?? Survival, destructor.. Still these things are not adequate to be defined as an aim or purpose of an agent.. Now it’s really confusing… Now i realised that the aim cannot be constant.. It can be mutated by the environment.. But it seems a million times more complex than to program intelligence in it…! Oh.. With out that the implementationRead More →

Emotions??? Anger,sadness,love,hatred,fear, so many effects!!!! Emotions is nothing but hypnotism done by harmones and chemicals within a living body.. Love is needed for sexual reproduction,so there would be evolution, hatred and anger is needed to preserve personal identity , sadness or grief is needed so that lessons have more impact and fear is needed is survive…. This all are just hypnotism i.e a living entity doesn’t need emotions at an instant of time,but ya for later time it’s needed… What about programming emotions in machines or softwares????? Love will follow laws of attraction i.e more the mistakes(or lessons) of a machine more attractive it is…Read More →

This is a simple analogous reference to depict the effect of iterative functions in real life…This example uses to generate random number series using a definite periodic or non-periodic series.! Well, that’s the effect.. Generation of unpredictable random number from a series…! It certainlysounds impossible but…. Just assume a functiong=f(x)=sin(x) well to map sin(x) is possible.. Now for g=f(f(x))it’s possible to map but more complex than f(x) now for g=f(f(f(x))) it’s certainly predictable but need high precision methods.. Now just iterating the function for million timesi.e g=f(f(f(f(f…f(x)…)))) for million times then the function ‘g’ will generate mathematical random number….! The conclusion is that indefinite complexionsRead More →

Human vs machines…! It’s been Greatly depicted by hollywood movies..But what’s the reality that we will face if AI is success? Clearly talking about conceptual differences between humans and intelligent agents, here humans greatly lag behind.. In humans Mathematical assertion is done by memorization, i.e from the birth the fetus learns about laws of physics only by memorization.. A ball will always fall down without knowing the magnitude of force within it.. If we done a experiment of nourishing a baby in free space or in inverted world then his picture of universe will be very different.. That means humans will fail if his memorizedRead More →

Oh! You will call me insane as i’m talking about life in machines..But i want to ask.. That what is life? Why we say that humans have living sense.. Here i’m talking about living sense or feeling and not about living traits.. Feeling..! It says i’m alive..! It says it pains me or pleasures me.. Consider newton’s third law of motion i.e “for every action there’s equal and opposite reaction…” so it can be possible that feeling is actually the equal and opposite reaction to the actions done by activities within the system i.e for example reception of signal by nerve cell..And as the frequenciesRead More →