Today, again i was trying to do the so-called impossible thing. Tried many weird ways to fool the entropy of data. 6 months gone but still no solution. And today i realized something. Since a year, i was planning to execute lots of ideas and simulations. Just before sleeping, i used to make up my mind to think about that but everyday i was keep forgetting. Since a year, i haven’t even thought about that. Just now i was reading this page “Alternate proof that the Matrix is real” , and again it struck in my mind. It’s something like inhibition, which is stopping something toRead More →

Let’s see a small movie about Flat-world. Flat-world is the world of two dimension where there’s no concept of up or down.The inhabitants of flat-world are just trapped in the two dimension and when a 3-dimensional being wants to interact with that then it ‘s taken as a ghost or God. Just have a look on this..   Dimensions..the place where we live and execute. Here we can go right-left,backward-forward and up-down, which means we live and play in 3-dimensional world.  Now compare our world with the Flat-world. Now what you are thinking now?? What if there is 4th or more spatial dimensions (here i’m notRead More →

Should have posted it before but it came to my mind just now…The whole story started when i first read this lines a year ago.. the lines were– “Surely computers,animals and humans can’t be intelligent becausethey can only do what there atoms do by the laws of physics……….” Ah!! it was a real hammer which broke my head..  But why i should believe in this lines!!  Well.. i didn’t find any logical statement that can demolish the fact.. It was obvious that the whole universe is running on atoms and its interaction.. this interaction got complex and formed chemical bodies..and then it eventually resulted inRead More →

Life seems to be very simple and steady.. Especially for a theist it seems all right and destined. But for the atheist it’s too messy. On the physics point of view, everything is controlled by the four forces of nature. Complex prediction conveys about membranes and multiuniverse. But it’s still quite hard to believe. But may be sometimes you’ll or you have encounter a event.. And there, your brain tells that there’s really something is wrong with that event…Something is wierd something is hidden..something or something is controlling your destiny. In everybody’s life it happens when we sense very unusual events that can’t be explainRead More →