Humans instinct is one of the most complex riddle ever.. Look at some common dialogues usually yelled by Humans… I’m very unlucky Why only me???? Why they always hurt me??? What was my mistake?? Why i lost??? It’s better to be a Villain than to be a good person…. Dealing with more human tendencies. This is one more instinct due to the emotional department of the brain called “Heart”. Heart (not that heart which pumps blood  ) is the part of brain which is initialized by the hormones and constrained by the experience ( interpreted memory) of the life-time. In the evolution of humans itRead More →

Basic human tendencies… 1) blaming the whole world for selfishness but don’t even see their own selfishness towards other.. i.e humans never look there own acts..! 2) humans forgive criminals who has committed thousands of sins but they won’t forgive a small mistake of a good person.. i.e bad people enjoys more mercy than good people.. 3) humans always try to look the darker side of any critics.. i.e They always thought that every praise is actually a sarcasm..! 4) Humans always forgets what they have and cries for what they don’t have.. i.e “i’m so unlucky….” WTF.! 5) humans sees dreams and works forRead More →