On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog                                          -Peter Steiner According to Wikipedia, “Social engineering refers to the art of manipulating people such that they perform action or into performing actions or divulging confidential information. While it is similar to a confidence trick or simple fraud, the term typically applies to trickery or deception for the purpose of information gathering, fraud, or computer system access; in most cases the attacker never comes face-to-face with the victims.Social engineering” as an act of psychological manipulation was popularized by hacker-turned-consultant Kevin Mitnick. The term had previously been associated with the social sciences, but its usage has caughtRead More →

In everyday life, we do many things which is enough to make us to forget certain things. Each day, thats in each 24 hours quota we rarely give few minutes for our own self. No.no..i’m not at all talking about spirituality. i’m pointing to the rationality and measurement. Now, we living beings especially humans possess Memory. Whatever happens in the vicinity of our self is stored in our brain as memory. Memory is an organism’s ability to store, retain, and recall information and experiences. Now, we living beings also possess an particular lifespan or age. Average life span of humans is around 70 years.But biologicalRead More →

Humans instinct is one of the most complex riddle ever.. Look at some common dialogues usually yelled by Humans… I’m very unlucky Why only me???? Why they always hurt me??? What was my mistake?? Why i lost??? It’s better to be a Villain than to be a good person…. Dealing with more human tendencies. This is one more instinct due to the emotional department of the brain called “Heart”. Heart (not that heart which pumps blood  ) is the part of brain which is initialized by the hormones and constrained by the experience ( interpreted memory) of the life-time. In the evolution of humans itRead More →

One of the most confusing question.. What is conscious? And how it differs from other parts of the body?  Well..lets play a hypothetical game… The game is very simple… You just have to catch ME.. I’m standing a distance of 5 meter away you.. As it’s hypothetical you can implement any way to catch me.. So i’ve started.. Firstly you’ll say that you’ve simply ran towards me and catch me..but i’ll reply no..you have caught my body not me..!! Secondly, you’ll pierce my brain and grab it and say now i’ve caught you..but i’ll reply again that no..you have caught my brain not me..!! ThirdlyRead More →

Should have posted it before but it came to my mind just now…The whole story started when i first read this lines a year ago.. the lines were– “Surely computers,animals and humans can’t be intelligent becausethey can only do what there atoms do by the laws of physics……….” Ah!! it was a real hammer which broke my head..  But why i should believe in this lines!!  Well.. i didn’t find any logical statement that can demolish the fact.. It was obvious that the whole universe is running on atoms and its interaction.. this interaction got complex and formed chemical bodies..and then it eventually resulted inRead More →

Who doesn’t wants to see future.? May be none.. Even the people who say they don’t want to are indirect liars.. But how to see future? But it’s too complicated…so much complicated that no one can imagine… Well as i think there are only two possible ways to see future..1) By interpolation of present and the past2) using parallel universe So come to first method..The principle is simple, “if you throw a ball to north, it will hit someone in later time.!” so using physics a dynamics of a element can be interpolated to see it’s future.. As eventually humans,animals or other stuffs are alsoRead More →

Grandfather paradox which deduce that time-travel to past is not possible. Grandfather paradox is a paradox which is created when a person goes back in past and kills his own biological grandfather.But i believe that this act will not affect his identity,and even his grandfather or father of his time.. How?? Now, let’s take an analogous example..We know that it takes 8 minutes for a light from sun to reach the earth. And if somehow the sun vanishes, then the earth will still revolve around the expected point for 8 minutes.?Now let’s go to the main core..Assume that there’s a star of mass infinite kg,Read More →

With new modification, the principle is retested.. Now i’ve built a automatic real time random number generator, which will generate a number between 0 and 999 every time when a mouseclick or keyboard key is pressed.. By this i get thousands of readings per day on my computer..After 4-5 days, now ,there have been 61800 iterations.. And the average outcome is 493.364353 which is damn near to theoretical value of 499.5 (i.e (0+1+2+3+…+999)/1000).. From the last few iterations the value seems to be consistent with 493. May be the final answer would be 493 and not 499.5 which is not good. If the answer comesRead More →

Now i’ve to do a very complex experiment to know whether i’m right or not.. I believe that life is nothing but indefinate iteration of process reaction effect. That is, what our conscious do is just under the control of same laws of physics that controls the lifeless atoms or tables. But still the aim of a system is vague.. It’s pointing that conscious is another force or energy and not just laws of physics because it’s very unclear that how a organism knows or learns that he has to preserve his identity though no laws of physics seems to suggest that.. But experiment isRead More →