…Use it yourself…  This is developer special library by which they can add SMS functionality in their .NET windows application or Websites. This library uses Site2Sms.com to send SMS to non-DND mobile numbers in India. Indeed this library is free with no restriction. Courtesy  http://hybriona.com/hyb/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/276492_228671693835090_698288_n.jpg Details:- Filename : Net-SMSAgent.dll Platform : .Net Framework 2.0 or above Operating System : Windows Best Features:- Library is easy to understand and simple to implement. Sends unlimited SMS of 230 characters Faster and Reliable Best for Freebie/ open source programmers Limitations:- Cannot send SMS to DND numbers. Obviously, as it uses Site2Sms.com, so the receiver gets SMS from theirRead More →

Traffic!! Traffic!! Is what every Webmaster wants. Here’s a great tool i coded today which will help Webmaster to increase his Website Hits. This tool uses fresh proxies and spawns Artificial Web Traffic to the Web Page. Unique Features:- Uses Fresh Proxies which simulates web traffic from through out the world. Has the ability to generate 100 hits in a minute. Uses comparatively less bandwidth. Software Screenshot Requirements to use this software:- .Net Framework 2.0 or above Internet Connectivity Windows Operating System Important Guidelines:- Use my free tool ProxyList Generator to generate huge proxy list in real time. And use it in this software. ItRead More →

The Mobile version of FreeSMS.com is finally completed. The application is clean, reliable and robust. Application Screenshot Following are the features: Clean design.. Send SMS from three popular sites. Fast and reliable.. “Remember Password” feature which will relieve you from entering the login details every time.. Delivery reports Cons: It may require high memory so you need to free your phone memory. Try to move all images,songs or other files to Memory Card and keep your phone memory as free as possible. Though 160by2.com is added but it has some Bug in it. so it is recommended not to use 160by2.com to send Sms fromRead More →

Sending Free SMS from websites has always been a mess. And when any desktop application gets released after sometime it stops working as they change their website scripts regularly. After messing with codes finally the application is ready.. This application is reliable Desktop SMS application as compared to previous releases.  Following are the features ::  Clean Design Contact Customization Quick Message Feature Group Message Feature Small size Portable It automatically updates the application One can send Sms from 3 accounts viz Way2sms.com, Site2sms.com  and Fullonsms.com Application Screenshot System Requirements :- Windows 98 or above .Net framework 2.0 or above Please feel free to use theRead More →

You never know that how many types of images are present in your Computer!!! Software name: Aggregate All Pictures Drive Version: 1.0.0 Main operation: Gathers all image files from a specified Drive in a single folder. Software Screenshot It’s a great piece of software by which you can gather all the images from a Drive (C: or E:) in a single folder. Just run the software and enter the drive letter then depending upon the number of images, it will take few minutes and then will gather all the images in a single folder, and makes it easy to manage the collections. Also, you’ll beRead More →

What you do when you want to transfer huge bulk of different types of files??? Generally you use Winrar or other compression utilities to do that. But for that, you also need that utility in that machine. So, the archive generated aren’t standalone!!! 🙁 Here is a small tool by which you can integrate all files with password protection to create a standalone executable archive… 😛 😛 Download from the tool from here and give a try to it  Default password is:: numbRead More →

Way2sms.com is one of the leading site in India through which one send free sms to any number residing in India. But due to numerous ads on the website makes the users uncomfortable with it. At least it loathes me a lot 😛 So, i developed a windows desktop application send sms via way2sms account. It’s a demo version, so please don’t mind about some lacking functionality like adding contacts and other stuffs 😛 Just give a try and wait for the first legitimate version to be released 😛 😀 Download the application by clicking on me 😉 Way2Sms.com is updated. Please visit http://applyingintelligence.blogspot.com/2011/09/way2sms-desktop-application-update-1.htmlRead More →

Here’s the a free command line utility written in c++ to play any kind of wav files. This utlity is simple and easy to use.  It just needs two command line arguments (1) Name of the wave file (2) Duration of wave file in milliseconds For example if you want to play “hello.wav” of 18 seconds of length then the syntax would be:- wavplayer hello.wav 18000 You can also specify the path like :- wavplayer c:game.wav 2000wavplayer .soundsalert.wav 2000 You can embed this tool with your application and thus you can make a rocking speaking program…!!!  You can download the utility by  Clicking on thisRead More →