Try, I fail, I try again, And i fail better… Yes, Here it goes….. I swear, I can’t forget that day, when they pushed me and took my life away. I’m confused, I don’t know who are they, throttling my breath and jamming my path all the way.. I don’t even even know what i’ve got,’cause i failed many times and lost a lot..Trapped in those cancerous thoughtsand finally i forgot what i wrote,, on this piece of paperwhen i was with my own sniperwith lot of ammo and metal shelterthrowing grenades on creepers and i was a’s gone!! And it’s going hyper… AllRead More →

So,it’s that you? Who is finding the way out,, as you are alone and lonely, Trying all the ways to get out and live.. So, it’s that you. Now listen..It begins with.. Within the mental quasar..,you are Looking yourself in broken the mirror, Staring at your bleeding eyes for an answer Drowning in it and more you cry,more you suffer Hanging right above the tip of the dagger Holding on and you lie, you are a liar Tryin’ to get out,but it’s useless after all you are a loser,, Hey!! is that the picture of you?? May be even you,too Trying to escape just likeRead More →

I can’t see the sun Not because it’s night, Not because i’m blind, Not because there’re clouds, It’s because there is no sun Didn’t get that??? Then come here, I don’t know from where to start with, This thing seems to have no beginning It started its journey long ago and still infecting It doesn’t care about our age Even if you are a sage.., It comes on daily page.. And it’s distracting It doesn’t mutates your DNA though, It doesn’t create any serious sore But still your brain keeps on decaying No.. it’s not a virus It’s just a disgust With piece of chorusRead More →