Software name: USB Data Protector 1.0.0 Version: 1.0.0 Main operation: Secure data in USB from viral/Trojan infections. Software Screenshot How To Use??? Transfer files from PC to USB:- •    Just select the first option •    A window will pop of which is a temporary folder.  Paste the files here form the PC. •    Press ‘S’ to start the process. •    Please note that current version doesn’t support folders. So use Winrar or Winzip to create a single archive of the folders that you want to transfer in your USB. Transfer files from USB to PC:- •    Select the second option. •    A list will appearRead More →

Authentication is very much important if you are programming Encryption or security tools. Generally we all apply a common logic to authenticate the user. Following are the very well known code :- C code :- char password[100];printf(“nntEnter your Password :: “);gets(password);if(strcpy(password,”secretpassword”)==0){ printf(“nntWelcome..”); /*——- Next applicatuon code ———- */}else{ printf(“nntIntruder suspected…”); exit(0); // Application aborted}  C# code :- String password;Console.Write(“nntEnter Password :: “);password=Console.Readline();if(password==”secretpassword”){ Console.Write(“nntWelcome..”); /*——- Next applicatuon code ———- */}else{ Console.Write(“nntIntruder suspected..”); /* appliction abortion code or as specified.. */}  Image source from internet But it has a major disadvantage. This code won’t help you to change the password. Once you code the application there wouldRead More →

What you do when you want to transfer huge bulk of different types of files??? Generally you use Winrar or other compression utilities to do that. But for that, you also need that utility in that machine. So, the archive generated aren’t standalone!!! 🙁 Here is a small tool by which you can integrate all files with password protection to create a standalone executable archive… 😛 😛 Download from the tool from here and give a try to it  Default password is:: numbRead More →