I saw them going through the wall!!! Classical Mechanics is what we see around us. What we see through our eyes, and the things that a normal mind understands and accepts it Classical Mechanics. It’s predictable. You know if throw a ball toward wall, it will come back at particular place. Quantum mechanics is something different. There things occurs that is not acceptable by normal mind and also it is not predictable. In this world, if you throw ball towards the wall, you never know what will happen. Sometime it may go through the wall, sometimes it can break the wall, sometimes it canRead More →

Many Entrance and aptitude examinations are now based on MCQs, where generally one of the four options is true. Here’s an interesting experiment to show how much you can score in such exams if you just relay on luck to choose the answers. Probability can play big games!! Many people have try this to score (including myself :P) but i haven’t heard any success stories till now. It seems impossible that more than 8000 students trying such methods of marking options randomly but none of them succeeds in it. But the experiment shows the different story. Let us assume that there are 100 questions andRead More →