Convert Any Normal Image into Pixel ArtConvert Any Normal Image into Pixel ArtConvert Normal Image into Pixel ArtI m writing this quick post about converting a normal image into Pixel Art using Photoshop. I m assuming that you are using Unity3D but these ways should work on any Engine.   Method – 1 (Universal) Open the Image in Photoshop Note down or remember it’s Original Size Scale the image down to 50 pixels x 50 pixels. Scale the Image Up to its Original size but using “Nearest Neighbor (preserve hard edges)” for “Resampling”     Method – 2 (May be Specific) Open the Image inRead More →

Physics simulations are one of the most aspect of 3D games. Here’s a collection of 4 Physics forces simulation scripts which can simulate Circular Gravity (Universal law of gravitation),Circular Anti-Gravity (or Repulsive forces), Buoyancy and Projectile trajectory. See Web player demo here for all forces. Documentation : Gravity : Drag the script “PlanetaryGravity.cs” on the object you want to execute gravity. There ate various parameters :- –  Range Of gravity : To limit the range of force. –  Mass : Mass of object. It will override the default mass of attached rigidbody (if rigidbody is attached) – Layer Mask : It gives you the optionRead More →

Frankly, i always get excited upon seeing a Time travel game!! Do you like Time travel games? Want to create game like Chronotron or Time Donkey. Here’s a complete Time travel game kit. It features all aspects of time travel game requirements,issues, and there solutions. The source code well commented and documented with professional coding standards following Object Oriented Programming. A sample game is also provided to clear the basics. It also explains how to implement complex game action like FPS or RPG in time travel mode. See Web Player Demo Game here.. For any queries drop a mail at [email protected]Read More →