In everyday life, we do many things which is enough to make us to forget certain things. Each day, thats in each 24 hours quota we rarely give few minutes for our own self.’m not at all talking about spirituality. i’m pointing to the rationality and measurement. Now, we living beings especially humans possess Memory. Whatever happens in the vicinity of our self is stored in our brain as memory. Memory is an organism’s ability to store, retain, and recall information and experiences. Now, we living beings also possess an particular lifespan or age. Average life span of humans is around 70 years.But biologicalRead More →

A cyborg or cybernetic organism, is a system with both biological and artificial components. Here that living being has the advantage of self-regulatory elements by cybernetics. Though in fiction cyborg is considered as hi-tech robots with human hybrids, but till now cyborg is the person whose mental or physical impairments is repaired by cybernetic technology. Following is a picture of a famous artist Neil Harbisson who is color blind.He wears an eyeborg on his head in order to hear colors!!! His prosthetic device was included within his passport photograph which has been claimed to confirm his cyborg status. Recent upcoming technologies like robotics and MachineRead More →